New Forms (2016 – 2017)

New Forms is an ongoing body of work developed from ideas and concepts considered in the previous series Automata where inanimate objects were rebuilt to create animation through small mixed-media machines. This exploration continues through building life-sized artworks around a model torso. The artist’s own drawings and sketches are deconstructed and collaged to create a new three-dimensional forms.

My original concept for New Forms was to go back over my past sketches and sketchbooks and use the material of the past to create a new body of work for the future. The canvas being a mannequin enhances the idea of a corporeal body which evolves as it transitions from past to future. These new ‘skins’ I’m creating speak new volumes from the remains of the old.

Through inviting other artists to donate me pieces of their past I’m no longer thinking of myself as a singular being but am evolving ideas on community cohesion. I am a singular being but the experiences I have are not since they are informed and inspired by the actions of others. We are moving forward together as a society. It is almost impossible to exist without human contact of some sort. Our collective pasts overlap and inspire who we are today. People who may not have featured in that past are here today to help evolve our futures. Our timelines are twisted and interwoven together, layered in sometimes obscure and incredible ways.

The response I have created from the material of other artists is how it is, nothing more, nothing less. There are no fancy titles here. This is a merging of practices and timelines, a connection of minds over several periods of time in an attempt to connect with each other and a wider society.


‘New Form 5’ mixed media construct by Melanie Ezra, Ryan Christopher Courtier, and Tim Kelly


New Form 4. Mixed media construction from historic photographic printing practices (cyanotypes, lith prints, and photograms etc.)


New Form 2. Paper and pen construction


New Form 1. Paper and pen construction.