Raining Chaos

I was sat in a car listening to the rain late last night. I love the sound of it. There is always a pattern but it is not one you can easily explain. As it pattered on the car windscreen I watched patterns form and merge into something visually coherent.

There are probably algorithms and studies into the random nature of the rain. Its sound soothes and nurtures and yet seems to follow no structure. Watching it fall on any surface is haphazard and yet it always covers eventually.

It occurred to me that the rain falling is very much chaos theory in action. The coverage of the surface is similar in nature to how the artworks in our Structured Chaos series have been evolving. Layers and layers randomly falling and landing within a visually harmonious rhythm.

If I needed to create a sound to explain these artworks it would be based on the falling rain.

This thought soothed me even more as I listened to the rain.



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