Let’s Play Shop?

I promised myself I’d alter this website and I’m not one to let myself down on that promise. I’ve amended this site to include a little storefront where you have the option to buy selected works of mine.

I looked at having a proper e-commerce function but all these things seem to come with massive fees attached. If I was a ‘pile it high sell it cheap’ retailer I could see the point but I’m just little old me making little artworks and my turnover simply isn’t enough to justify the expenditure.

Having a virtual shop still isn’t the same as seeing my art in real life. Even the video links that I post here aren’t a good substitute either, but it’s a possibility that needs exploring and exploiting and gives those people who want it the opportunity to buy a piece of mine. I did think about putting my whole portfolio on here but that would just be totally unwieldy. Instead I’ve also included a link to my pinterest page which is a better platform for showing visually the kind of work that I create.

I’ll be rotating round my stock regularly so it’s worth keeping an eye on what’s there. Follow the link at the top of the page to see my store or click here. Meanwhile if you like the look of something and want more photographs or details just let me know. Oh and if you want to haggle or want payment plans then I’m open to suggestion.



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