I need to rethink my business strategy to monetise my creativity more effectively. I recently opened a shop on Etsy to sell my art but I might as well be stood on a street corner hawking my wares for all the good Etsy has done me. Some platforms are just not the right place for selling without so much advertising that I’m wasting my time and money. Don’t get me wrong, Etsy is great for craft and gifts but I really don’t see that my collages are fully understood by the Etsy community and have a better chance elsewhere. As such I’ve abandoned Etsy and am looking for alternatives.

I’m considering options to work alongside the traditional gallery as my selling space. In the first instance I’ll be looking at perhaps creating a storefront here on my website. With almost 1000 visitors here each month it makes sense for this to be the place to buy my work. As a brand I have a good reputation worldwide and the marketing I’m currently doing is strong but needs to be directed into the right places in order to ensure I’m getting the sales I deserve. I’m not ruling out the possibility too of joining other independent arts vendors and collectives who are business minded.

I’m also looking at adapting this website to include other ventures. I often forget that I’m not just a collage artist and that I’m also a fully practising photographer. I regularly provide educational photography services across South Wales as well as being for hire for recording other people’s projects. It would only take a few small alterations to promote this field of work fully on this website.

I’m making a list and the changes will be rolled out here soon. It’s about time I got proactive and starting applying the same energies to promoting my projects as I do to promoting other people’s.

Time for me to wake up and get moving.


A photograph I took in Brooklyn in 2013 and then totally forgot about. If I paid attention to pictures like this instead of constantly creating then I might actually get somewhere with my life.


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