Quarter Circle Punch

This is Quarter Circle Punch, the latest 12″ x 12″ piece to be completed in our Structured Chaos series. I do not know how to begin talking about how this exciting piece. Normally for an assemblage such as this I start at the top and work my way down layer by layer. For this though I have been up and down and all over the place in order to understand and create something that we can be proud of. This photograph really doesn’t do it justice so, as promised last week, there’s a video over on my YouTube channel to show you more detail.

There are so many levels to this it is ridiculous. The structure of Bone throwing the fireball spans the first 15 layers of paper in this 18 layer assemblage. The cuts I’ve ended up making are sometimes chaotic and sometimes considered and wholly dependent on the energy of the photograph. It is a complete departure from anything I have previously cut. The strength here is so intense and I’ve had to respond with shapes which just a month ago I would never have imagined myself cutting. A lot of the layers seem to work at odds with each other with horizontal cuts interrupted by diagonals on other layers to take into account all the potential energies.

Bone’s suit is built up of multiple layers to bring total three-dimensionality to this art. This brings Quarter Circle Punch in at almost half an inch deep. Everything from the lapels to the front crease on the leading leg has been considered and layered so that the man himself is the only coherent structure to Quarter Circle Punch. Just yesterday we were debating the completion of this piece and adding further cuts to the top layer to communicate the energy and the power contained in Bone’s hands. This energy cuts through everything, across Bone himself, as well as the graffiti behind him.*

He who holds the energy brings himself out of the chaos.

Where we go from here? Maybe a step backwards and a step sideways.


‘Quarter Circle Punch’ 12″ x 12″ layered paper assemblage. Special thanks to Owen Howe

*Don’t even start me on what’s happening there. That’s a whole blog post all on its own. If you really need more on that then search for “Ken Streetfighter Hadouken”. This is really a double portrait of Bone and Ken. It’s about the two of them throwing their Hadouken at some unknown assailant. The energy of Bone surpasses that of Ken though due to his positioning in the photograph. That and he’s also the only one who isn’t a fictional character.


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