My postman is really good to me. He makes sure any unusual post arrives in the best of health and really enjoys delivering things to me from interesting places. Yesterday he intercepted me on the way down the street with a package from Croatia which contained my copy of the catalogue from the 17th International Exhibition of Miniatures, which toured the country last year May to October. I was in quite a few shows across in Croatia and Serbia last year and often the organizers send catalogues well after the exhibition is over. It’s a real joy to have these little booklets arrive months after I’ve forgotten about the show.

Also in this week’s post was my copy of DwellPublished by SampsonLow this book coincides with an exhibition of the same name which is touring London UK at the moment. Each day this month a little paper dwelling is constructed according to the instructions provided by the designer artist. My design is yet to appear so if you’re in the London area watch out, my castle might be appearing next to you soon!

Yesterday the postman also handed me a packet from my lab with copies of the photographs I need for the next in my Structured Chaos series. I’ve already started cutting this next piece and I’m really excited to be working on this series without any delays between artworks.

I wonder what the postman will bring me tomorrow…



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