The Happy Writer

All week I’ve been writing things for different people and today is no exception. I have put together proposals, reports, letters, and press releases for all sorts of friends and colleagues. I’m pretty good at this so I figure if I can write a 700 word proposal in an hour to help somebody else benefit then it would be wrong of me not to do it.

I should be pushing on with my Structured Chaos series. I’m desperate to cut another layer for this but it will have to wait. The writing is just as important as the finished artwork. If I can’t promote and propose to different people then I won’t get my art seen in the places it needs to be seen. It’s a skill I know other people do not always have so if I can help them then they will undoubtedly help me at some point in the future.

Kindness costs nothing and opportunity is often in the hands of who you know, and in the form of long-lasting working relationships. This is not something I’m doing to further myself. This is something I’m doing to further everybody.


‘Structured Chaos’ work in progress. Layered cut paper. [detail]


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