A Welsh Castle in England

A while back I created a net for a project called Dwell. My design is about to be published by SampsonLow and a little paper version of Caer Hecsagon is about to find its way onto the streets of London.

From February 1st a new paper building will be placed on the streets of London each day. These little bespoke paper abodes have been designed by artists from across the world and will be randomly placed for members of the public to find.

I deliberately called my castle by its Welsh name Caer Hecsagon rather than the English (Hexagon Castle) as a cheeky historical dig. Many Welsh castles were built by wealthy Norman landowners to try and subjugate and pacify the Welsh people up to a thousand years ago. To cut a very long story short, the Normans in Britain eventually became the English and there is still a huge rivalry between the Welsh and the English. Now my little Welsh castle will be invading England’s capital and occupying a little piece of the opposition’s land.*

Dwell: A Book of Nets will shortly be published by SampsonLow. Visit their website for details and to order your copy.


*Personally I consider myself as British. I lived in England for my first 18 years before moving to Wales for the next 24 years. I think this either makes me a neutral bystander or a traitor depending on your politics.


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