Caer Hecsagon

I’ve had so much fun today it’s been scary. I’ve been indulging in maniacal laughter and random outburst of smiling thanks to a little design I’ve been working on. I was asked on Monday to contribute to a book called Dwell which will feature a collection of paper nets which can be cut out to form dwellings of various kinds. This means I’ve had to conceive, design, and test a net of my own for submission and it’s been bloody good fun.

I decided to go for a hexagonal castle. Hexagonal dwellings are not a novelty and there is precedent in castles all over Europe.  I’ve based Caer Hecsagon on the Great Tower at Raglan Castle  which consists of hexagonal outer walls with a taller inner tower.

It’s been great fun to design my page and I’m tickled to think that people all over the world will have a chance to create my design. More on the Dwell project can be found if you click here.

I’ll put my pencil crayons away now…



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