Glue Melodrama

Yesterday I glued the final sheet of acrylic in place and Helen should now, in theory, be complete. Of course it isn’t. I still have to think about how it will stand up [some sort of swanky feet thing?] on a plinth so that viewers can see the front and back. I also have to think about more gluing since the uneven quality of the piece means the gap between the acrylic panes isn’t uniform and the structural integrity of the whole piece is still in a precarious state.

I’m dreading going back to the glue. The stuff smells and makes me cry even when I’m in a well ventilated area. I didn’t get it right yesterday and spent forever battling air bubbles and uneven smearing. So now I’m peering down the edge of Helen wondering if I should even touch this work today. I think I’m better off waiting another 24 hours so that I can get a fresh perspective on how bad my gluing has gone.

Yeah, I’m chickening out of even lifting the dust sheets just in case I find that I’ve wrecked Helen to a point where I will be heartbroken. Time will heal. In the meantime I’m running away from the glue melodrama and doing as many other jobs as I can find. Anything, everything, to take my mind off the potential disaster waiting for me in my studio.




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