Aggressively Lucky

I parted with one of my artworks recently. Lucky was a 4″ x 4″ paper collage exhibited over in New York as part of Couture Fashion Week. She was never intended to be a stand-alone collage and was always meant to be part of a larger 16″ x 16″ collage which I’m currently working on.

So now I’ve reached the stage where I’m recreating Lucky again as part of this wider construct. It is very rare for me to revisit a photograph more than once so it is interesting to use this same little image and weave it into this artwork in a new and interesting way.

This will be a different, more aggressive interpretation. I will keep some elements true to the original so that she is recognisable but I will tear her apart in other ways. I’m deliberately working at a different angle so that I am not tempted to make the same moves that I made before. This is getting to be a whole lot of fun.



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