UK vs The World

I keep chipping away at entering top exhibitions here in the UK but I have far more success in the US and beyond. I’ve always tried to work out why this is and I’m forever drawing a blank.

I talk to selectors and fellow exhibitors here in the UK to try to find out if it is something that I am doing wrong as I still can’t work out what the problem is, or even if there is a problem.

I’ve come to believe that the UK Art Industry is far more based on status and connection to academic institutions. I think I would stand a better chance at getting into top exhibitions here in the UK if I was doing a postgraduate degree at a prestigious institution, or was lecturing somewhere. The trouble is that I’m far too busy exhibiting across the rest of the world and creating art to have the time to go back into academia. This puts me in a catch 22 as far as the high-end UK art scene goes.

So instead I’m focussed on the rest of the world. And by this I mean mostly the east coast USA. Here the Art Industry is more connected to… well… business and industry. They seem more able to take a chance on innovation and product development in placing art into exhibitions. This is brilliant for my art and I’m really looking forward to going out to New York again at the start of next month to exhibit as a luxury fine artist as part of the high-end Couture Fashion Week. They say that if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

But still I look to my home country, and I wonder what I am missing…


‘Shift’ 6″ x 4″ paper collage


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