Dying a little more every day…

The life of a project is not a predetermined length. It waxes and wanes; has its highlights and its lowlights. And once the moment of success has passed with specific pieces realised the momentum starts to be lost and the project starts its inexorable decline.

Transmutations started to slip away from me during January. Since then it has been dying a little more every day. Every thought I have, every piece realised, simply fails to have the mental and visual impact of the work I produced before Christmas. For me to show work in a gallery I have to feel that it is the best that it can be. This means the work on dogs and the odd shellfish/seaweed piece may never be shown. Right now they are records of a slow death of a project and mean nothing more to me.

But then, this wall still appeals to me, eden ahbez’s words from yesterday’s blog still appeal to me. I know there is something I can do that is sea-orientated that will result in something exhibition worthy, even if it isn’t to be considered as part of Transmutations. I think back to a piece I did for Myrtle Street Studios in Grange, Australia last year which was based on Melville’s ‘Moby Dick’. That was not resolved either. Maybe this work will be tidal, and will drift in and out during the coming months and years; a feast of visual flotsam and jetsam, always destined for incompletion.

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