[un]welcome distractions

Today, I found myself writing an artist’s statement to accompany my Transmutations series. I actually like writing artist’s statements; really I do. I find that all the material I need to put in them comes through my blog entries which means any statement kind of writes itself. I start having little dreams of suitable sentences that can be used, then I start waking up with preordained paragraphs. Eventually I reach the point where I know the day has come to get it all out of my system and onto paper properly. Yes. I can actually say it came to me in a dream…

Sadly, since today was the day for writing such things, it means I didn’t get around to making any new work. I always feel like a failure if I haven’t made something new each day. The act of statement writing distracted me from physically making anything. I guess such distractions are necessary and I have to learn to accept them even if I cannot bring myself to welcome them.


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