Fitting in…

I’ve never been one for fitting in. Yes I am a team player, but I’m not so dependent on the rest of the team to render myself a sheep. I’m happy to stand out from the crowd as need be and express myself in my own way. The problem in being so independent is that I always seem to be the one on the sidelines, one of a supporting cast, never the bridesmaid, never in the popular group, always remembered fondly but not necessarily remembered when party invitations are sent out…
Today, I visited Studio Voltaire in Clapham, London, where one of my Self [other] series is hanging as part of the SV12 Members Show. I was a little apprehensive in seeing how my work would fit in. My rough edges and unpolished approach usually grates alongside the super shiny ‘professional’ finish that is often seen with works by other artists. Up until today I was worried that my overuse of PrittStick and PVA would be found out as amateurish and ridiculous amongst the ‘real’ artists.
I was so happy when I realised that my worries were the only thing ridiculous here! I stood in this quiet beautiful space and realised that I am one to be counted amongst other artists whose voices are similarly unique, independent, and strong. The selectors and curators haven’t been shy in using the space in a way to reflect this uniqueness. The work is hung in irregular spacings and at unusual heights. Each artistic voice has the chance to be seen for what it is. Today I feel like I belong. I am part of the biggest party amongst the most wonderful work. Being part of this show has given me the confidence to continue with who I am and who I feel I need to be.
If you find yourself in London this week please do come and see the show. It runs until March 31st. Full details and location can be found here:

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