Driller Killer

These last few days have been spent tying up all sorts of project loose ends. I’ve managed to sort framing of some of my Transmutations series, I’ve sorted Fire at the Orphanage for Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, and yesterday I managed to sort out my digital pinhole issues.
I’d decided already that the pre-drilled hole on my standard Holga pinhole lens adaptor was awful (see March 12th Pins and Needles). Initial alterations gave me a 0.46mm diameter pinhole that I calculated was 0.2mm off optimal. Yesterday I realised that my 000 entomology taxidermy pins were 0.25mm diameter which made them ideal. I completely drilled out the plastic centre of my adaptor and bastardised it using foil, black electrical tape, and this new diameter pinhole. This new set-up works with any ISO setting and any lighting conditions.

I think I’m now very close to getting the same quality and clarity as expected with my film based work. I set myself the challenge and now have tech that I know I can use. What to use it on though is a different matter!


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