Framing Janus

Quite a while ago now I mentioned acquiring some taxidermy pins for use in framing my work (See Nov 11 Taxonomy and Taxidermy). That seems too long ago but the idea has remained. Yesterday I finally managed to realise my ideas.

I’m using open (glassless) box frames identical to those I used for my smaller Self [other] series. The entomology pins are Size 000 – Superfine Diameter 0.25mm Length 38mm used for setting out beetles and butterflies (See Feb 21st Showing, Pinning, and Preserving). I’ve set the work in the frame with 10mm length of pin above the collage, and 10mm below. The remainder of the length goes through the backboard of the frame and is then secured and trimmed.

The idea has always been that 2.1 Janus and the rest of this series are likened to fragile insects that have been caught and captured. The open frame and delicate pins used simply add to the idea of that fragile and vulnerable state. Floating in the frame and secured by only the most slender of pins, I have created the illusion of momentary capture.

I’m staring now at Janus half expecting it to attempt to wriggle free and escape.


2 thoughts on “Framing Janus

  1. Thanks Carole. It was hell to do and even worse to photograph! It really works though so I guess I have to do the whole set in this way! I'll let you know how it goes 🙂

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