An Evolutionary View

A selective breeding programme has lead a set of 5 pedigree dogs to a singular mongrel Dog 15 (View). This dog is not meant to be a singular representation of evolution in nature. It is not even meant to be taken that seriously. This model is representative of a wider model that is selective breeding. View is to be seen as part of a set, a culmination of compositional factors, that lead the eye to one specific detail.
This is not a selective way of gaining a new pedigree. This would not happen here and it would not happen in nature either. Each generation of  collage models has brought its own variations and quirks, some of which have survived throughout the process, some of which will remain as recessive genes.
Tomorrow, I’ll publish the entire family tree of this series together in photographs (and in better lighting) so that you can truly take in the view.

Dog 15 (View)
6″ x 3″

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