I should have this dog series finished by now, and today I promised myself that I’d get this penultimate little chap done. Each dog only takes a few hours out of my day and the process isn’t a difficult one, but somehow it didn’t happen. I promise there was no procrastination, that would be too simple. Instead today was what I call a curveball day.

Every now and then life has a way of throwing me curveballs. I start a day with totally the best intentions and chance encounters send me in completely the opposite direction. I would love to share today’s curveball but I doubt you’d believe me if I told you. I have always avoided talking about my personal life in this blog. To me these pages are strictly for work and not for anecdotal chit-chat about how my day has been or the people I know. I would rather you look at the artist who is me and the arty stuff this person creates, and keep my personal life, well, personal.

So, I was going to share today’s curveball; as a one-off, a break from the norm. I wrote it down and read it back. But no. I can’t do it. Written out the words seem meaningless and hollow. They cannot possibly portray the random experiences today has thrown at me and the strange but lovely shock I am currently in. Instead I am going to get back to creating and hopefully finishing Dog 14 and then have a well deserved and celebratory glass of wine.


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