A little bit of what you fancy

Dog 10 (Landscape)
6″ x 3″

Landscape is a combination of all the compositional elements used so far. He is at the very bottom of the family tree. It is clear that Sky‘s genes are most dominant in this new mongrel’s make up. When you look at the family tree you can see why.

There are currently four pedigrees that make up the top row: Hedge, Blue Grass, Sky, and Concrete. There is one more pedigree to add and this will create an extra column of mongrels down the right-hand side, making 15 dogs in all.

It has been quite tricky in deciding on where the colours need to be on each dog. I want the characteristics of Dog 15 to emerge gradually through the visual markers on her ancestors. It is these hereditary traits that will lead to this emergence. For each dog created I have to think carefully about what needs to go where so that I’m not jumping ahead too soon with the final reveal. Hopefully one more week at this and I’ll have the full set complete. Watch this space!


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