Let them eat cake

I’ve been promising a few friends for a while now that I would share these images with you. I took them a few years ago whilst experimenting with images that were suitable responses to Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I wanted the photographs to be cramped and claustrophobic in nature as a true reaction to Carroll’s original text. 


These photographs were taken on a hand built 35mm pinhole camera I called the CakeCam. It seemed appropriate to me that if I were to recreate the part of the tale where Alice eats cake that I surround myself with cake in every sense of the word. This fully functioning camera is a real cake and I still have it kicking around here somewhere. The structure of the aluminium case seems to be in good shape and the paper shutter mechanism is intact so I presume it still works. The glace cherry has dried out a little bit since these images were taken and the icing has lost its lustre. As yet, no mould.


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