Not backward in looking forward…

In university I used to have a locker. On the last day of term I’d leave a bar of chocolate in the locker. I’d always forget it was there so it was always a pleasant surprise, on the first day back, to rediscover it again. This gift to myself was always a wonderful reminder how a past me is able to look after a future me, via the present me.

These days the past version of myself still has a handy knack of leaving me little gifts. For example, today I found a note in my diary reminding me to stay focused and positive, and to enter a particular exhibition. I have no idea when I wrote this note to myself, or why I felt that today’s date is important in any way, or why this particular exhibition opportunity is important.

All I know is that, after yesterday’s rejections, today’s little gift to myself has been a welcome boost. It’s reassuring to know that the past me is still there for me, looking into my future, and trying her best to keep me going.


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