Rejecting Rejection

Dog 9 (Fairway)
6″ x 3″

In Saturday’s post I mentioned a proposal that I’d been writing (See Why Climb Everest? Feb 25th). Well, I wrote it and received a lovely rejection today.

Rejection is a fickle thing. Part of me is horribly depressed at being deprived an opportunity. When you go for something 100% only to receive nothing in return it can be mentally debilitating. There is the potential for me to descend into misery and wallow in self pity. I could turn my mind inside out looking for faults in my submission, looking for someone/something/somewhere to blame. Thankfully this is not the way I usually deal with rejection.

You see, I realised whilst formulating my ideas on Saturday that I do not need to be awarded anything in order to see my ideas through. Writing this proposal, writing any proposal, is not a waste of time. I go for job opportunities and exhibitions in order to challenge my limitations and bring new growth to my practice. Everything that I need to realise my ideas is here. I welcome that I have to rethink my strategies. I’m pleased that a spark of something new has been triggered. It is relishing in these things that means it won’t be long before I’ll be smiling again.

I confess I do not believe in rejection.


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