Postal, Loco, Digital?

I’m considering going completely digital with my photography.

Anyone who knows me will believe that this account has been hacked just on the basis of that first sentence. My work has always been about process, so using film and doing things the old fashioned way to create my source photographs has always been my ‘thing’. The pinhole cameras I use are hand built or butchered from old analogue ones I’ve found. Digital for me has been just a handy alternative to showing the finished article. I have never really taken Digital seriously since I have no desire to chain myself to Photoshop for days at a time as an alternative to the processes I use at the moment. Nothing has changed in this respect.

So what has changed? Well, I’ve been reading, and, as I’ve mentioned before, reading is really dangerous. Reading propagates wild ideas and theories, that germinate into redirection, and ultimately bloom into my reaching for the hand drill doing beautifully crazy things to my digital SLR.

On reflection, my first sentence needs clarification. “Going completely digital” means I’m bringing my technical knowledge of camera butchery into the 21st century.


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