The Art of Not Drawing

Dog 7 (Concrete)
6″ x 4″

I don’t draw.

I stopped when I was a teen and never really felt the need to pick it back up again. I never could understand how putting down the visuals of a 3D object or scenario as a 2D drawing could possibly be beneficial. It seems like such a waste of time to me. I fell out of love with Art for a very long time because of this conflict. It is only once I discovered Photography that I felt I had found a valid medium for sketching out my ideas quickly enough. After all, why spend ages on sketches to explain what you intend when all you need to develop them further is the time to pitch in and do it?

Instead of spending weeks of my life developing ideas through drawings, I choose to store ideas visually in my head and use my sketchbook for collating and collecting preliminary photographs and research. The fact that I don’t sketch any drawings of what I intend to produce may explain my relentless output.

It certainly explains my insomnia.


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