Showing, pinning, and preserving

A few weeks ago I found myself delivering work in London for a show at Studio Voltaire (which incidentally opens tomorrow night ). With a few hours to spare before the long journey home, I found myself in the National History Museum. Naturally, I made a beeline straight for the Museum’s Darwin Centre for ideas on pinning and framing my work. I was hunting for butterflies, but I also found myself looking at beetles and how they are preserved.

I’ve always said that the flatter pieces from this Transmutations series would be pinned out like butterflies; but I have learned during my visit that what I’ve actually been thinking of is a general method of entomological pinning and preservation. I’m currently repeating my visit to the Natural History Museum from the comfort of my sofa thanks to their ‘NaturePlus’ scheme. All the research I need in this field is now at my fingertips.

Now all I need is the confidence to start sticking pins in my work.


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