Dogged responses

On Feb 7th I asked myself some pretty fundamental questions about the way I work. I can’t promise I know all the answers but I think I’ve clarified a few issues about what is necessary in my work.

‘General’ photography isn’t a necessary feature in my work but pinhole photography certainly is. Each image I’ve produced, and each body of work that has resulted, has been based on pinhole photography. Any works produced in other ways simply haven’t felt like they are speaking with my voice and so I never feel I can use them.

I need to keep my voice but I don’t feel like being flat and frameable is necessary at all. I started my investigations using collage in order to disrupt the flat nature of the photograph, and, since I feel that this is still needed, there is absolutely no justification for any of my work to be featured in a frame and hung on a wall in the traditional sense. I am evolving beyond flat-ish work into something more tactile and this is something I need to continue to push.

And I’m still thinking about featuring dogs in my work. Have been now for 10 days straight. I have to sort this out; this can’t be healthy.


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