Coming Soon to Brooklyn Art Library

It feels strange to put my work into one small book all at once. I’m so used to rambling across the pages of this blog where time and space are ultimately limitless. In a sketchbook measuring only 5.25 x 7.25 inches, and with only 36 sides to fill, I need to be concise. I’ve chosen to work my way into the centre rather than from front to back. One half concentrates on the biological influences in my work, and the other half concentrates on the literary influences. They meet in the common ground of the centre spread.
This little sketchbook is about to be posted off to the States as part of ‘The Sketchbook Project’ and is one of 5000 which will be exhibited in NYC in June 2012, and will ultimately be stored in the Brooklyn Art Library. Full details of the project can be found here:

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