Falling Down

It’s all going badly. Today’s attempt at work has gone totally wrong. So wrong in fact I’ve destroyed the result. This image of the palette of pieces is all that remains of a job badly done. I’ve been trying to work on a slightly larger scale (6″ x 6″) and as a result the shape of the pieces are far from sympathetic to the subject matter. There’s a lack of intimacy which I felt I had with my other collages. The colours in this piece are tepid and bland.

I’ve lost my way. The new ideas of pedigrees and mongrels no longer appeals to me. The concept is flimsy at best and I have a feeling based on today’s experience that any mongrel collages are likely to be messy and muddy; not viable visual communication at all.

I need to go back to my previous works in the Transmutations series and see what works, and why, if I am to proceed.


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