A pause is a kind and beautiful thing. It allows time to reflect on what has been and yet also gives space to consider what is to come.

Today, for the first time, I laid out my Transmutations together on a table. Four months work barely covers a square metre (3ft x 3ft) but it has been painstaking and meticulous in its development and creation. I already decided a while back that some of the larger collages (7.1 Hidden and 8.1 Waterfalls) were not right for cloning. I still have to consider the fate of 2.1 Janus. Reproduction and success of a species not only depends on its attraction but also on luck. Maybe 2.1 Janus has what it takes to have clones created in its image, but maybe environmental factors mean this collage is to be unlucky.

I promised myself at the end of last year that the cloning process should not proceed beyond the end of January. Somehow it feels right that 2.1 Janus does not make it into February.


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