5/10 Must try harder

Date: 24-I-2011

Name of collector: Melanie Ezra
Size: 2.5″ x 2.5″
Identification: 6.2.1 Concrete Random ‘Clone’
So here is the first Concrete Random ‘Clone’. It’s slightly squashed nature is a mystery to me. All my collages are built upon a square piece of paper so the overall shape should remain square. Somehow, when trying to feel the flow of the curves in the lower portion, the proportions became distended. This widening meant I almost ran out of pieces in the lower mid-right section. Things are definitely not right here. The top is lop-sided and the whole thing is out of true in comparison to the original.
I’m not beaten yet. I still don’t know where is best to start or how best to tackle this. I must study the original harder before the next clone is attempted.

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