Origin of the Species

Responses 3.2.3 and 3.2.4
I’ve been attempting to draw up a phylogenetic tree to show the relationships between the species I’ve created. I’m at the point where I need to consult a biologist. I want my work to be both artistically and scientifically accurate. 
In the meantime I’ve concluded some important facts about my Responses:
(a) Response 1.1 and Response 1.2 are father and mother to Response 1.3. 
(b) Response 1.3 and all other subsequent collages labelled of the form Response n.n are triploid.
(c) Reproduction is down to the ‘success’ of the species. Only the ‘showier’ and more beautiful collages from the Response n.n series will go on to have offspring. My natural selection determines this.
(d) There will be no interspecies mutations or hybridisation. The nature of the species is determined by the genus collage and ultimately by the DNA photograph from which it was produced. There will be no splicing of photographic DNA here.
(e) Response 1.1 and Response 1.2 are the true origins of all the species since they contain only sliced or  ripped pieces and not both. It is ideas formed through these collages which go on to form all known species after this.
Blimey this is getting complicated!
Response 1.1
Response 1.2

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