Duplication, replication, variation…

I’m creating my little monsters. Each little daughter refers solely to the parent image Response 1.3 and so far it’s driving me a little mad.

I think I’ve got the right hand side sorted. The white pieces seem to have their own rhythm which means the only obviously visible theme is the darker leaf shapes. I’m getting there in replicating those. It’ll take me a few more daughters to get it almost right.

The left hand side of the image is a nightmare. I can’t work out the order of how it was originally created. I stare at the top corner and I still can’t work out how many pieces are actually there. Cutting the spaces is difficult too. I can’t seem to get the scale and proportions right.

I never will get it right; I accept that. I am not attempting to be a forger here. I am aware that every cut or rip I originally made when creating Response 1.3 cannot be repeated exactly. It is important though that the key compositional elements are there; the shoe, the dark curl to the left of the leg, the balance of colours.

Each daughter is a product of the parent image but using the same DNA does not reproduce the same person. Each is starting to develop its own slightly different personality. I must not let the variations get out of hand. In replicating the species I need to consider the idea that all my daughter collages are spawned from the same batch of larvae created by the mother.

They are to be created in her image, not mine.


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