Me, myself, and my ‘Self [other]’

One last push and this will be finished and then the work will cease to be mine. Self [other] will venture out into the unknown. Images of this Self will be edited and criticised. It will be seen in galleries and loved or despised by others.
I have to believe that it will cease to be me. I have put my self into this project but if I allow the critics and despots to have their way I will be in tears before I’ve even begun. I can no longer allow this work to be an extension of myself although, of course, that is how it has come to exist in this world. To protect my ego from bruising I must sacrifice my Self [other].
Hegel said “Each consciousness pursues the death of the other.” As my Self [other] starts on its long journey into galleries, storage, and eventual decomposition, I wish a successful and timely death.

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