…and perhaps a recent photograph

I’ve been staring at the screen for nearly 20 minutes now looking at an email. It asks if I would like to be part of a double page article for former students entitled ‘Where are they now?’

They would like a recent photograph.

Do they really want a self portrait? I don’t think they do. What they actually want is a cheesy photograph of me holding a camera and looking whistfully into a mirror to show how successful I am.

I am not that at all.

I’m not sure they understand the gravity of the situation in asking me for a self-portrait. I really don’t think they’ve considered what they could be getting. Do they even know of Hume and Dennett?

I would send them this image as a ‘recent photograph’ of myself. But I know it wouldn’t be used.

Maybe I’m over-thinking this?
I think it’s best for all concerned that I just delete this troublesome email and pretend it never happened.


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